Terri Lawton is known for her profound insight into the art of beauty activation through a results-oriented approach to Skincare & Age Management. For over two decades, she has been an esthetician and practitioner of the esoteric and healing arts with advanced-level training in the areas of Chinese Meridian Therapy, chemistry and biological science, including Eastern Therapies and Western Holistic applications. In addition to her on-going client treatment work in private practice, Terri is a sought-after skincare product and spa consultant, lecturer and media spokesperson in the areas of Beauty, Skincare and overall Health & Wellness techniques.

With the experience of modeling early on during her teenage years, Terri learned how to present herself and radiate her energy for maximum beauty activation. Born and raised in Pacific Palisades, California, Terri developed a keen sense of style and aesthetics – yet began to realize that there were deeper levels at work in the expression of beauty and wellness. So, at the age of 20, she set out on a search for information and knowledge that could help her better understand the connection between body, mind and spirit.

Over the next twenty years, Terri honed her practitioner skills in beauty management through extensive studies in therapeutic theory and methodology, which included Western European Esthetics, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage Techniques, Polarity Therapy, Radionics, Light Therapy and Touch-for-Health. Her studies spanned work with master-level teachers throughout the United States, Europe and Central and South America.

During this time, Terri became a certified acupressure instructor, a practitioner of holistic health and a licensed esthetician in two states. She also began lecturing on both coasts in response to requests for her expertise and knowledge in the areas of beauty, wellness and lifestyle. Backed by her strong belief that outer beauty cannot be separated from inner relaxation and vital chi energy fields, Terri formulated her own “TL” brand product line of face and body treatments. The natural alchemy of these products was specifically designed to release and lift negative chi energy in order to activate vitality and a sense of well being, while cleansing, toning and soothing the skin and the spirit.

Through a masterful blend of science and art, Terri became known for her unique approach to skincare and age management. By combining esoteric techniques with powerful skincare treatments, Terri’s palette of client offerings grew to include skin analysis, cranial-sacral work (to loosen and eliminate tensions that can affect the nervous, vascular, musculoskeletal, endocrine, lymphatic and respiratory system), TMJ (temporal mandibular joint) alleviation, facial contouring, pre and post plastic surgery and laser treatments, stress treatments as well as several types of organic and herbal peels.
Today, Terri Lawton Skincare has evolved into the one-stop destination for beauty seekers of all ages. With her West Coast studio located in Los Angeles, Terri services an international client base through customized skincare treatments, consultations and high-volume product sales.

Now firmly established as an innovator in her field, Terri’s development of advanced treatment techniques includes “Age Management/Zone Therapy,” which combines a light facial with cranial sacral work, while using specialized products designed to focus on the “4” Zones of Beauty. Client response to this “style” of treatment continues to be extremely positive as the replenishing effects serve to counter balance the intrusion of modern-day stressors, toxins and over-stimulation.

To date, Terri’s involvement in the area of natural and organic skincare product formulation is extensive. With over 20 years of product-testing experience, Terri is sought-after to lecture, teach and consult in this highly specialized field. Backed by years of study, research and practical application, Terri currently finds herself on the cutting-edge of esoteric treatment techniques and skincare product alchemy.

Terri Lawton Skincare continues to provide services to a broad range of mainstream and celebrity clientele and has been featured as the “facialist-to-the-stars” in publications such as Allure, In Style, Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair.

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Different clients are seeking different results, so I match my work to their needs and requests. In other words, I read how clients are communicating their beauty. Although I tend to use a variety of hands-on techniques, both Eastern and European with every client, I completely customize each treatment – I first analyze the skin and then work with what may be blocking a client at any given time … whether it be chi energy, youthfulness, beauty or inner glow. It’s like being a detective.”   
 - Terri Lawton

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Terri Lawton Skincare and Age Management offers custom beauty treatments, including skin analysis and cleansing, facial contouring, anti-aging and stress treatments as well as several organic and herbal masks and peels. Terri Lawton is a reknowned Los Angeles facialist providing natural and organic skincare services to a broad range of mainstream and celebrity clientele. Her exquisite work has been featured in media and publications such as Allure, In Style and Harper's Bazaar. Terri Lawton Skincare is located in West Hollywood, nearby West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Brentwood, Bel Air, Pacific Palisades and beyond.

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