"As within, so without ... beauty is definitely more than skin deep." - TL

In the fast pace of our modern-day world, people are exposed to more sensory stimulation and potential stressors than ever before. Over time, these conditions can build up and begin to affect the core levels of health and vitality as well as the actual aging process itself. Throughout her career in the beauty industry, Terri Lawton has always held the vision that because mind, body and spirit are so deeply connected, a much more holistic and natural approach to skincare and age management is needed to produce the most positive and long-lasting results.

Over the past 25 years, Terri has honed her training and beauty treatment techniques to include advanced levels of Energy Meridian, Cranial Sacral and Hands-On work combined with the least invasive, yet most effective use of anti-aging technology. Also highly skilled in skincare product alchemy, Terri regularly researches and formulates organic-based products and actively consults in this burgeoning area of Health, Wellness & Beauty.



Terri Lawton Skincare and Age Management offers custom beauty treatments, including skin analysis and cleansing, facial contouring, anti-aging and stress treatments as well as several organic and herbal masks and peels. Terri Lawton is a reknowned Los Angeles facialist providing natural and organic skincare services to a broad range of mainstream and celebrity clientele. Her exquisite work has been featured in media and publications such as Allure, In Style and Harper's Bazaar. Terri Lawton Skincare is located in West Hollywood, nearby West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Brentwood, Bel Air, Pacific Palisades and beyond.

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